Bubble_frame_letter-271x220The Secret Society of Bubblers Adventure is designed to teach children about the Magic of Kindness.
Children are introduced to The Secret Society of Bubblers through a letter that appears to have come in the mail for them from Ozzie the Great Grand Elf. You and your child can read this richly illustrated, over-sized letter aloud, much like a fairytale. In the letter, Ozzie explains that your child has been chosen for a very special mission — to help a Microscopic Elf earn a place in Santa’s Workshop. It seems that there are tiny “microscopic” elves born all over the world, and the only way they can fulfill their dream of making it to the North Pole is through the kindness of a child they select to be their “Bubbler.”Bubble_frame_glass_tokens

After taking the Bubbler Pledge (below), your child commits to be on the lookout for opportunities to be kind. The magic comes alive as you help recognize your child’s acts of kindness by placing small, wooden B KIND tokens in unexpected places. These tokens demonstrate that your child’s Elf, although too small to be seen, notices and appreciates your child’s efforts.

Bubble_frame_glass_certJust before Christmas you will help facilitate the delivery of a Certificate of Achievement from Santa himself, along with a bottle of magic bubbles. On Christmas Eve, your child will blow the bubbles enabling his or her Microscopic Elf to hop aboard and ascend to Santa’s Workshop. From that point on, every act of kindness your child performs will be felt by everyone in the North Pole, and as a result, everyone on Earth.


Secret Society of Bubblers Pledge

The best me is when I am kind.
I promise I’ve made up my mind

To look every day
And do what I may
To be kind to all those I find.

Bullies and meanies beware,
We Bubblers are people who care.
Our kindness will fix
The worst of your tricks
And soon we will be everywhere!

At school and at home I will try
To really be kind and here’s why:
It’s the best way to bring
So much joy you could sing
To everyone under the sky!